5 Must-Eat Orders from Nimbus Downtown Brooklyn

By Kayla Nelson

At Nimbus, we think dark kitchens should be brought to the light: through our partnership with DoorDash Kitchens and via our in-store ordering kiosks and indoor and outdoor seating areas, consumers can order directly from our food business partners and enjoy their food on-site. Visit us at 383 Bridge Street in Downtown Brooklyn to sample a line-up of our local favorites!

Here are 5 Mouthwatering Must-Eat orders from Nimbus’s Downtown Brooklyn location.

Harris Bakes – Cinnamon Bun

Described by founder Harris as a  “fluffy brioche dough rolled with brown butter cinnamon sugar filling and topped with a rich brown butter cream cheese frosting”, the cinnamon bun is available for order through Harris’ website, DoorDash,  or our on-site virtual food hall from 10AM-3:40 PM on Fridays and Saturdays. Sit and savor these delicious treats in our front-of-house seating area or enjoy them on the go!

Little Grenjai – Peek Gai Tod Crispy Chicken Wings

Little Grenjai’s Peek Gai Tod Crispy Chicken Wings are a fan favorite. This gluten free dish includes crispy wings tossed with herbs and toasted rice powder, as well as Nam Jim Jaew Dipping Sauce on the side. Little Grenjai is known for its authentic Thai dishes, filled with love and lots of flavor, and this dish is no exception! 

Meat Asia – Chicken Scallion Pancake

Meat Asia’sChicken Scallion Pancake Wrap (also known as Ji Rou Juan Bing) is a delicious Taiwanese scallion pancake filled with chicken, scallion, and daikon slaw. The incredible array of sauce options – including Japanese Soy Tare, Malaysian Peanut Sauce, Cantonese Ginger Scallion Sauce, and Hainan Hot Sauce – make this Meat Asia curation a fun and exciting lunch, dinner, or midday snack. These pancake wraps are a true Nimbus pick! 

2 Girls & a Cookshop – Jerk Chicken Tacos 

We can’t stop thinking about The Jerk Chicken Tacos from 2 Girls & A Cookshop. These delicious treats are made with jerk chicken, coconut rice, black beans, sweet plantain, pickled slaw, spicy sauce, and sour cream. For those looking for a vegan option: 2 Girls & a Cookshop offer an incredible dairy free, nut free, and vegan version as well! With their specialty being Jamaican tacos, these chefs hit it right on the nail with this dish. Order directly from them through this link.

Pies N Thighs – Buttermilk Biscuit

Last but certainly not least, we love Pies N Thighs. This southern style restaurant located right here in the city has crafted one of the most savory biscuits we’ve ever eaten. Pies N Thighs’ Buttermilk Biscuit with Honey Butter is a great choice to enjoy on its own, or paired with another item from Pies N Thighs’ delicious menu!