Commercial Kitchen Innovator Nimbus Doubles Its New York Footprint

Since doubling our footprint in NYC, Nimbus has seen some great press coverage; here are some highlights from some recent articles:

Yahoo Finance

“Since its launch, Nimbus has helped hundreds of emerging, established, and enterprise food service professionals launch, test, and successfully grow their businesses by reaching thousands of new customers and streamlining operations. Current members include national brands such as DoorDash, OTG Management, Fraîche, and Chefs for Impact.”


Market Watch

“To meet the evolving needs of today’s culinary industry, Nimbus has developed a strategic blend of flexibility and community, setting it apart as a dynamic and customer-centric ecosystem for food purveyors.“

Business Insider

“Nimbus’s distinct offering is an in-demand concept for a myriad of food businesses, agnostic to size and maturity, categorically different from industry incumbents that focus almost exclusively on food delivery concepts.”



“‘We are excited to expand our presence in New York, enabling us to further our mission of shaping the next era of shared kitchens and co-cooking in a wholly unique, first-of-its-kind way,” says Camilla Opperman Morse, Nimbus CEO and Founder. “Our new state-of-the-art facilities are strategically positioned to cater to the burgeoning demand for shared kitchens and culinary experiences, exemplifying the strides Nimbus has made to redefine the way chefs and restaurateurs operate.’”


The Food Institute

“There are two key differentiators for Nimbus: our flexibility and our focus on community,” Opperman said. “Members can cook in our kitchens for a few hours or a few years while our competitors only offer long-term rentals.


“Our flexible and diverse product offering allows us to target all kinds of food businesses across business sizes and maturities — including catering businesses, bakers, CPG brands, pop-up operators, delivery concepts, and more”