Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nimbus?

Nimbus is an innovative commercial kitchen that empowers food businesses to grow and thrive through hourly kitchen rentals, customizable long-term kitchen leases, and engaging community spaces with event programming. We remove the extensive regulatory hurdles and capital investment required in a new kitchen build-out, enabling food businesses to succeed at all business stages.

Nimbus operates four key business segments:

  1. Hourly Kitchens: hourly kitchen rentals are available on-demand and have low monthly minimums, providing flexibility and scalability for new, growing, or seasonal businesses.
  2. Long-Term Kitchens: long-term kitchens, available on 6-month or annual terms, allow established concepts to test a new market or scale with limited upfront capital.
  3. Studio + Event Space: event spaces and adjacent studio kitchens give our members and the broader community room to create content, host a tasting, or throw a dinner party.
  4. Storage: on-site dry, cold, and frozen storage gives members and outside businesses the storage space needed to support their businesses.
Where is Nimbus located?

Nimbus currently has four locations: we opened our first kitchen on the Lower East Side in early 2021, and we launched our flagship location in Downtown Brooklyn in mid-2022. We recently expanded to SoHo and Midtown in October 2023. While New York City is our home, our sights are set nationwide: we plan to have kitchens in every major city in the United States by 2030.

What are Nimbus’s operating hours?

Nimbus is open from 6am-10pm, 7 days a week. We are only closed on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, and Independence Day.

*Not applicable to members with 24/7 access.

Can you rent kitchen space by the hour at Nimbus?

Yes! Being nimble is at our core: Nimbus is designed to be a flexible kitchen solution for any food business that does not require full-time space. Our hourly kitchen stations are rented in four-hour blocks starting at 6am.

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Can you rent monthly kitchen space at Nimbus?

Absolutely! Members can rent dedicated, enclosed kitchen rooms at Nimbus. Our long-term kitchen rentals start at six months, but we also offer annual and multi-year rentals.

While most of our monthly kitchen spaces are completely turn-key and pre-outfitted with under-hood equipment, for certain longer-term rental agreements, Nimbus can customize the kitchen space and hood line.

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Can I host an event at Nimbus?

Let’s party! Our Lower East Side and Downtown Brooklyn locations have community event spaces specifically designed for sharing experiences over cooking classes, tastings, team-building events, content creation, co-working, and more.

Our spaces are fully divisible, allowing for intimate gatherings of a few people to larger events of up to 74 guests (and everything in between).

Contact us for more information about hosting an event at Nimbus.

How big are the kitchens at Nimbus?

Nimbus has kitchens of all shapes and sizes, meaning businesses can choose the right kitchen size and layout based on their specific needs.

Nimbus hourly kitchen stations range from 90 square feet to 150 square feet, while our long-term kitchen rooms range from 165sqft to 400sqft.

All kitchen rentals also include access to additional common spaces (dishwashing areas, storage rooms, and break rooms).

What kind of businesses operate at Nimbus?

Our flexible rental model allows us to work with businesses across the food-service industry – from caterers to delivery concepts – and in a wide capacity, with members using our space for everything from private dinner parties to pop-ups, catering tastings to chef training, and more. 

How much does it cost to start at Nimbus?

Nimbus was designed to be a cost-efficient and scalable solution for emerging, established, and enterprise food concepts. Our turn-key kitchens and operational support services mean businesses can get started with limited upfront capital and scale their businesses with lower ongoing operating costs than a traditional brick-and-mortar restaurant.
Nimbus’s initial membership commitment starts at $2,000, making it significantly more accessible than other ghost kitchens ($30k+) or brick-and-mortar buildouts ($1M+).

What makes Nimbus different than traditional ghost kitchens?

Two main differences set us apart from other ghost kitchen operators:

1) our flexibility through diverse rental models allows us to service a wider range of food businesses, and 2) our focus on community.
Nimbus is the only off-premise kitchen operator today that provides hourly kitchens, long-term kitchens, storage, and studio + event space under one roof. Our flexible and diverse product offering allows us to target all kinds of food businesses across business sizes and maturities, while our competitors only service a small subset of those food business types (namely only delivery concepts).

Does Nimbus help market my business?

Nimbus has a marketing and press team that maintains our website, social media, and our marketing efforts in the community. Through our marketing efforts, we promote our members through multi-platform collaborations and cross-branding opportunities.