Job opportunities at start-ups in the food and beverage industry 

Are you passionate about the culinary world and seeking career opportunities in innovative start-ups within the food and beverage industry? Explore exciting roles available at Nimbus as we revolutionize the future of the shared kitchen industry through our flexible co-cooking infrastructure, or explore positions with current members operating in our kitchens!


At Nimbus, we combine hourly and long-term kitchen rentals with our events venue to nurture a community of food businesses and their customers. Our flexible commercial kitchen rentals enable food businesses to thrive at any stage of their business. Since opening our doors in 2021, we have opened 4 locations in New York City: Lower East Side, Downtown Brooklyn, Soho, and Midtown, but our sights are set nationwide. As we expand, we are looking to expand our team with dedicated individuals with a passion for food and entrepreneurship.

Director of Partnerships and Business Development:

As the Director of Partnerships and Business Development, you’ll work closely with senior leadership to identify and cultivate strategic partnerships that elevate Nimbus brand visibility, enrich our sales top of funnel, drive operational efficiencies, improve the member experience, and ultimately contribute to a substantial increase in overall revenue.

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General Manager, Chicago:

As the Chicago General Manager, you’ll play a pivotal role in overseeing the end-to-end operations of our shared commercial kitchen, ensuring a seamless launch and ongoing success of the facility. 

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Member Operations & Experience Associate:

As a Member Operations & Experience Associate, you’ll play a key role in ensuring the success of our members across five shared commercial kitchen locations, overseeing member relationships, driving member growth and retention, and contributing to the overall success of our collaborative culinary community.

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Kitchen Operations Associate:

As a Kitchen Operations Associate, you are responsible for ensuring smooth day-to-day operations for the members in our commercial kitchen and event spaces. Your main duties include cleaning and customer service. This job is full to part-time and offers competitive pay as well as full benefits.  

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Pure Plate

Pure Plate, is a private chef weekly meal prep service in NYC.

They started it for themselves as a way to eat high-quality, healthy meals every day without having to cook. Since then, it went viral on Twitter and interest from others has been overwhelming. They went from delivering 0 → 500 meals per week in just 2 months — with over 250 more customers on the waitlist.

Operations Manager (full-time):

Help scale Pure Plate and expand its operations. Run day-to-day operations including customer comms, vendor partnerships, logistics coordination, and everything in between.

Head Chef (part-time):

Lead their weekly cooks along with menu design. The ideal person will be formally culinary trained and have experience leading a top-tier kitchen at a high scale.

To start this would be a part-time engagement (10 – 20 hours per week), to grow into a full-time partner as we expand to multiple cities with profit-sharing opportunities.

Head of Culinary Operations (part-time):

Lead ingredient sourcing/procurement, delivery operations, and culinary hiring. Collaborate with the chef on menu design and day-of cook efficiency.


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Laroot offers a curated meal delivery plan Monday-Wednesday. Their plan can be customized based on your dietary restrictions and If you, or anyone you know, has a zest for innovation and is interested in becoming a part of an impactful startup, you can message them on Instagram or email to join their team!


Launching your own start-up

Maybe you have been working in the food industry for a while now, or you are a lifelong culinary enthusiast and are ready to launch your own concept. If so, Nimbus is a great place to start. Our flexible options can enable you to operate your food business a few hours a week to start, or full-time once you are ready. Our commercial kitchen rentals are fully licensed and equipped so you can get started as soon as you have the specific permits established for your business. Click here to schedule a call with our sales team to learn more about everything we offer at Nimbus.