Affordable, flexible, and turn-key

Our facilities enable members to open quickly, operate sustainably, and reach new customers at a fraction of the cost of a traditional kitchen lease.

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Nimbus offers premium commercial kitchens for all.

We’ve got solutions for all business stages and use cases: our flexible membership model and diverse offerings meet the needs of food makers and consumers alike.

Turn-key hourly kitchens

We’ve covered the kitchen design, buildout, and inspections, so members can get started quickly, scale efficiently, and focus on what they love: cooking.

  • On-demand hourly rentals with low monthly minimums
  • Ready-to-use equipment designed for large-scale production
  • Operational support including delivery receiving and station sanitization
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Outfitted long-term kitchens

Our dedicated kitchens allow members to experiment with menu items, test new markets, and reach new customers, all at a fraction of the cost of opening a brick-and-mortar store.

  • Monthly and annual leases with limited upfront capital
  • Bespoke spaces designed specifically for member use
  • Labor support for order dispatch and delivery efficiency
Grow and thrive
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Engaging community and event space

Hospitality is at the heart of everything we do: our front-of-house spaces are designed specifically as an interface between our members and the broader community.

  • Order from iconic culinary institutions and emerging food brands and enjoy the food onsite
  • Rent our studio kitchen for photo shoots, cooking demonstrations, or dinner parties
  • Participate in our curated events programming or host your own gathering
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