The 12 Days of Nimbus: Holiday Gift Guide for Food Lovers

The holiday season is here, and there’s no better way to celebrate than by indulging in culinary delights created by Nimbus members in our co-cooking facilities! We’ve curated a unique “12 Days of Nimbus” holiday gift guide, featuring a range of delicious treats and experiences, perfect for the food lover in your life.

1.Pasta Class Florence: Tickets to a pasta making class

Dive into the art of pasta-making with a ticket to Pasta Class Florence at Nimbus Downtown Brooklyn. Regardless of your cooking experience, this class offers a hands-on journey into the world of authentic Italian pasta. Explore Classes.

2. Spice Theory: Signature spice box

Do you know someone who loves to experiment with flavors? The Spice Theory Signature Spice Box could be the perfect gift! The box includes all 5 spice blends with complimentary recipe cards showcasing a twist on your favorite foods paired with signature cocktails. Discover Spices.

3. Happy Boards: eGift card or charcuterie & wine

Happy boards offers an array of meats, cheeses, wines, and all things charcuterie! Be it an eGift card or a specially curated board, this makes the perfect gift for your holiday host. Order Now.

4. Lucy’s Confections: Custom ugly sweater cookie box

Looking for a unique gift for your friends and family with a sweet tooth? Order your favorite photos printed onto delicious ugly sweater cookies from Lucy’s Confections! This gift is the perfect nostalgic tasty treat! Get Your Cookies.

5. Harvest Moon Supplies: Weekly harvest subscription

Re-inspire the home cook in your life with a Harvest Moon Supplies subscription. Each weekly harvest is curated with fresh unique, and seasonal ingredients as well as recipes based on your selection.  Subscribe Now.

6. Allie’s Banana Bread: Banana bread loaf or eGift card

Relish the comforting aroma of freshly baked banana bread from Allie’s. Whether you choose a delectable loaf or an eGift card for a loved one, this gift brings warmth to the heart and home. Order Now.

7. Bite Mini Donuts: Holiday mini donut box

Indulge your sweet tooth with the Bite Mini Donuts Holiday Box. These bite-sized treats are the ideal dessert for festive gatherings, offering a variety of flavors to appease every palate. Explore the Box.

8. Sour Humanoid: Vinegar 4 pack

Explore unique flavors with the Sour Humanoid Vinegar 4 Pack. The 8 oz vinegar four pack comes with Sake Kelp Bay, Madeira Calendula Sichuan, Bourbon Barrel Aged Shiitake Rosemary Thyme, and Lemongrass Tequila. From tangy to bold, these artisan vinegars are the perfect gift for your loved ones with bold palettes. Discover Flavors.

9. Orgeat Works: Cocktail mixers

Toast to the holidays with cocktail mixers from Orgeat Works. Elevate your mixology skills with these handcrafted mixers that add sophistication to every sip. Flavors such as toasted almond or macadamia nut are perfect for the holidays! Shop Mixers.

10. Lucky Batch: Seasonal cookies

Lucky Batch offers a batch of 6 seasonal cookies. Flavors include Pumpkings, Snow Days, and Cosmos. Profits from their cookies are donated to a variety of organizations. Order Your Cookies.

11. Smart Mom’s: MonBento kid’s lunch box or custom meal plan

Are you searching for a gift to make a busy mom’s life a little bit easier? Look no further than Smart Moms Organic. They offer custom meal plans for her toddler’s and a variety of accessories including the MonBento Lunch box. Either option will make meal time a breeze. Shop Smart Moms.

12. Lael Cakes: Custom cake

Does someone you know have a special celebration coming up? A custom cake from Lael cakes could be just what they are looking for. These cakes, crafted with precision and creativity, are not only delicious but also a spectacular centerpiece for any occasion. Order Your Cake.