Commercial kitchens for both makers and consumers

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Nimbus is a vibrant community brought together by good food and even better people

Our vision

Our mission is to empower food businesses to grow and thrive through elevated, flexible, and affordable kitchen spaces without losing the spirit of hospitality. Our innovative solution, which combines efficient shared commercial kitchens with community-driven retail spaces, works for both food makers and consumers.

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Meet the founders

After trying to launch a food business and feeling frustrated with the lack of viable commercial kitchen spaces, Camilla Opperman joined forces with Samantha Slager to launch Nimbus. Since launch, Cam and Sam have helped dozens of small food businesses launch, relaunch, or grow their businesses and reach thousands of new customers.

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Here’s what our members have to say

We’re a vibrant community brought together by good food and even better people.

I’ve found a sense of home and community at Nimbus. There is a wealth of support and knowledge from the team and the other businesses.
Mark Herman
Owner of The Caviar Shark
For women to own and operate this kitchen, makes me so happy. As a woman, it’s very challenging, especially when it comes to entrepreneurship.
Jessica McDonald
Owner of Jess Puddin’
Being at Nimbus allowed us to scale. Thanks to the great equipment at Nimbus we were able to increase our daily output by 200%.
Claudia Gerber
Co-founder of Groovy